My goal is to be the best listener out there and to get your input throughout the design process. In so doing, I hope to provide you with the cover of your proverbial dreams at a price you’ll be happy to pay.

Cover design services start at $100 plus 1.45 per credit for artwork. Complex designs, like compositing multiple images, cutting out parts of images, and some fancy text treatments may increase that amount. If you wish to find a less expensive solution, please feel free, but I do hope you will take a moment to consider whether the contractor you choose is going to spend the time to find out what you really want and whether you will be as happy with the result.

I could give a list of additional fees. For instance, I might charge 30 or 35 dollars to cut out part of an image. I prefer not to do this, and the reason is that not all tasks that seem similar really are. Cutting out an image could take seconds or it could take much longer. I don’t want to put up a flat fee and charge a bunch of money for a simple task.

Rest assured, you will know what the cost will be before I begin final production work on your cover (or have committed any money). If you provide me with a budget at the start of your project, I can be certain to choose images and design concepts that will stay within that framework.

50% of the project cost is due upon acceptance of the final design concept, prior to any work on the finished version. The balance is due upon receipt of the jpeg file with your cover. Substantive changes made after acceptance of the final design concept may incur additional charges and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If you choose not to complete a project with me after submitting the first payment, I will provide you with the purchased artwork and the rough concept image, so you have the option to have someone else finish the project for you.

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